Global round-up: Sri Lanka publishers killed in attack

Global round-up: Sri Lanka publishers killed in attackBook shops and publishers took to the streets in Bangladesh to protest the attack.

Two publishers have been killed and two writers injured in terror attacks that are suspected to be the latest in a string of incidents in Bangladesh that have seen secular writers, editors and publishers targeted by Islamist extremists.

Two of the publishers targeted, Faisal Arefin Dipan and Ahmed Rahim Tutul, had both published books by atheist blogger and writer Avijit Roy, who was hacked to death in February after being accused by extremists of insulting Islam.

This latest incident follows the March killing of secular blogger Washinqur Rahman, the May attack of Ananta Bijoy Das and the August killing of blogger Niloy Chakrabati.

Publishers and books shops closed for three consecutive days as people in Bangladesh took to the streets to protest the latest killing.

The recent attacks have been commended by US-based press freedom organisation Committee to Protect Journalists with its Asia Program Research Associate Sumit Galhotr criticising the extreme violence against independent voices in Bangladesh.

“We call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to take a clear, bold stance against the rising tide of extremism in the country and to bring the perpetrators behind these attacks to justice,” Galhotr said.

German daily to combine TV and print newsroom

German daily newspaper die Welt will combine its print, digital and TV staff into a single integrated newsroom to encourage more content production across various platforms.

Axel Springer, the publishing giant that owns die Welt, acquired 24 hour news channel N24 in 2013 and began merging the TV and print editorial teams earlier this year.

They will eventually be housed in a new, single newsroom facility that will begin construction in a few weeks and is expected to be completed by 2018

The plan follows similar integration efforts at Australia’s Seven West Media and NZME’s New Zealand Herald.

Chinese editor sacked ‘for ignoring party line’

The editor of state-run Chinese newspaper Xinjiang Daily has been fired after being accused of failing to tow the communist party line on separatism, religion, extremism and other sensitive issues.

Editor Zhao Xinwei was fired for “airing views in opposition to the government and ‘groundlessly commenting’ on official policies”, according to reports by The Wall Street Journal.

Xinjiang Daily had been covering the tumultuous clashes between police and ethnic Uighurs in the Western region.

The ousting of Xinwei comes as China has brought in new rules in recent months that tighten restrictions on the criticism of party policy.

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