Global: Queen acts over Sun anti-EU story

Global: Queen acts over Sun anti-EU story

Buckingham Palace has filed a complaint over a front-page story in The Sun in which Queen Elizabeth II is reported to have voiced doubts about Britain remaining in the European Union, as voters prepare for a referendum on membership.

The palace lodged a complaint with the Independent Press Standards Organisation, citing an accuracy clause in the group’s Editors’ Code of Practice

The Sun cited a “highly reliable source” who said the Queen had told former British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and other attendees at a lunch during the last parliament, which ended in 2015, that she was concerned about the direction of the EU.

Buckingham Palace dismissed the report as “spurious”. In an emailed response to Reuters, the palace said:  “The Queen remains politically neutral, as she has for 63 years. The referendum is a matter for the British people to decide.”

Clegg also took issue with The Sun‘s report, published in the News Corp-owned daily on Wednesday.

After the publication, Mr Clegg tweeted: “Re Sun story. As I told the journalist this is nonsense. I’ve no recollection of this happening & it’s not the sort of thing I would forget.”

The Sun said it would not retract the report.

The Sun stands by its story, which was based on two impeccable sources and presented in a robust, accessible fashion,” the newspaper said in a statement. “The Sun will defend this complaint vigorously.”

News UK rebrands its Scottish business

News UK is commemorating 30 years of printing newspapers in Scotland by rebranding its Scottish division, the company has announced.

News Scotland will be more autonomous but will continue to maintain close links with the company’s London headquarters, a spokesman said.

The company says readership of The Times Scotland had risen by 4 per cent in the past 12 months with 56,000 daily readers, while the Sunday Times Scotland has maintained its position as the number one quality title in its market, reaching 117,000 people.

The Scottish Sun is the number one daily paper and is read by 544,000 adults.

NYT in plea against ad-blocking

The New York Times has joined the ranks of online publishers who are asking readers to consider alternatives to ad-blocking.

Multiple tweets began circulating Monday showing that visitors to The New York Times with ad-blockers enabled are asked to become digital subscribers or allow the Times to serve ads, according to the Poynter website.

In a statement, The New York Times said it was opposed to ad blocking on the grounds that it “does not serve the long term interest of consumers”.

News organisations are increasingly launching countermeasures for ad blockers because the software deprives them of revenue they would otherwise receive from impressions on digital advertisements.

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