Gallery: How the world’s press covered the Brussels attacks

Newspapers from across the world have splashed their front covers with tributes, graphic images and high impact headlines in the wake of the Brussels attacks.

On Tuesday morning, over 30 people were killed and dozens more injured in a series of explosive attacks at the Belgium capital’s airport and a metro station in the centre of the city.

Belgium newspaper Het Belong van Limburg published a black cover with the numbers 22/3, referring to the date of the attack, while the cover of Austrian paper Kleine Zeitung featured two hands bathed in the Belgium flag and referenced last year’s Paris attacks which killed 130 people.

Political cartoons have also sprung up and been shared across social media in relation to the attacks. Le Monde cartoonist Plantu drew a sympathetic cartoon that depicts two weeping figures, one draped in a French flag embracing another draped in a Belgium flag.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Brussels attack which came just days after after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, who is thought to have been involved with the Paris attacks.

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