Future leaders learn about consumer behaviour

Future leaders learn about consumer behaviour

The Media Federation of Australia’s 5+ initiative hosted an event yesterday as part of its Inspiration Series to teach future media and marketing leaders about consumer behaviour and our own behaviour.

The event, which was sponsored by The Newspaper Works, featured presentations from psychologist and ad strategist Adam Ferrier, and the founding director of Red Balloon Naomi Simson, as well as workshops and table discussions. 268 people attended the event, 30 of whom were there as mentors for the younger delegates.

Business director for Bohemia Group and a member of the 5+ committee, Briar Rowsell, said that the 5+ program, which is for MFA agency staff with 5-10 years’ experience, aims to inspire future leaders in the industry by allowing them to learn critical skills and interact with veterans of the industry, who mentor at these events.

An ad The Newspaper Works ran at the 5+ event.

An ad The Newspaper Works ran at the 5+ event.

“The committee’s priority is to provide a quality experience and speakers that attendees wouldn’t normally have access to through their agencies – Adam Ferrier and Naomi Simson are truly world-class examples of these, offering unique insights into behaviour from different perspectives,” she said.

“So far in the series we have had authors, a Buddhist Monk-turned International Business Executive, the leader of an Antarctic expedition and covered topics from Mental Resilience through to Business and Performance.”

Marketing director for The Newspaper Works, Charlie Murdoch, said that the organisation’s sponsorship of the 5+ initiative stemmed from its recognition that having passionate and inspired individuals at media agencies and media owners was important.

“Our partnership with NGEN and our association with 5+ gives The Newspaper Works a platform to support great talent while promoting the influential role newspaper media can play in their clients’ campaigns,” he said.

Insights manager at OMD and committee member for 5+ Nathan Reed said that the “Behaviour” event was well received by attendees.

“Participation is an important aspect of these events and the ideas shared by the speakers today were a great springboard for group discussions into the implementation of the ideas presented,” he said.

“Adam and Nicole brought two different viewpoints and experiences to today’s event which is important as this stimulates discussion. This combination of theory and life experience makes them ideal voices for the MFA 5+ inspiration series.”

The next 5+ event is on “Leadership” and is scheduled for October 22 in Melbourne – featuring talks from Melbourne Demons Football Club CEO Peter Jackson, and adventurer Rachael Robertson.

Implementation and investment director for Initiative and 5+ committee member Daniel Cutrone echoed the sentiments of Ms Rowsell and Mr Reed, stating that the event has had positive top-line feedback and will hopefully help achieve the primary goal of the 5+ initiative – to “retain great people within the industry”.

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