Ford shifts perceptions

See how newspapers helped shift consumer perceptions of the new Ford G Series.

The Challenge

To shift the perceptions of consumers who believed that the previous Ford G Series’ model was lacking perceived relevance to them. The campaign needed to ‘shock’ the target market into reconsidering the Ford G Series ahead of other makes and models.

The Solution

The agency and the publisher created a campaign that met Ford’s needs, with the execution featuring in the first half of the newspaper across difference metropolitan cities in Australia.

The Results

These were the results recorded from a Herald Sun online reader panel May 2008.


  • 55% of respondents recall seeing the Ford G Series advertisement (unbranded) only five days after the launch.
  • 61% of all men and 49% of all women recognised the Ford G Series ad

Unprompted Recall

  • 43% of all men Noticed the ad was for Ford G Series

Shifting consumer perceptions

  • 9% of respondents who saw the Ford g Series ad claimed ‘My perception of Ford has changed and I would consider the Ford G Series before my next purchase’.
  • As a percentage of core readership this represents a shift in mindset for over 53,000 Victorians as a result of this execution.

Ford ancap newspaper ad Ford egas article

Qualitative feedback

“Attracted attention because it covered three pages of the newspaper and was like a wrap around”. Male, 58

“It was a different way to advertise a new Ford car range”.Male, 44

“It was really eye-catching and made me pay attention to what the ad was about. I liked the way it continued across the 2 inside covers as well as into the extra page inside the back of the paper”. Female, 57

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