Finance readers a boost to held the top spot in the Nielsen Online ratings for current events and global news in June – the eighth successive month it has done so – and has benefited from a 23 per cent jump in financial readers year-to-year.

News brought in a unique audience of 3.72 million viewers for the month, with close behind with 3.46 million unique viewers.

The top five spots remained unchanged from the previous month, however Yahoo!7 jumped from ninth to seventh place, and The Guardian moved from seventh to sixth place.

This year, more Australians are reading financial news. Last month, an extra one million people visited a site in the financial news and information category, which is a 23 per cent increase from last year.

Most visited for financial news. The site received an additional 278,000 unique browsers in June. Following close behind were and ASX – Australian Stock Exchange.

Top sites by unique audience for news – June 2015

1. – 3,722m
2. – 3,464m
3. ABC News Websites – 2,732m
4. Daily Mail Australia – 2,710m
5. ninemsn News Websites – 2,532m
6. The Guardian – 1,955m
7. Yahoo!7 News Websites – 1,783m
8. The Age – 1,771m
9. The Daily Telegraph – 1,561m
10. Herald Sun – 1,500m

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