Favourite insights of ’16

More than 45 insights articles and infographics have been produced about the consumer behaviour of news media readers this year.

They have been read and downloaded thousands of times by marketers, media owners and media agency staff in Australia and across the world.

The most popular series produced were

Always popular have been our insights articles. Here’s the list of the top favourites. If you missed any of them, we’ve got a short explanation for why you should take a look now.

  1. Why regional newspapers get shoppers moving – Local newspapers outperform every other media when it comes to providing information about their local communities, especially how to find businesses and services in their area. This is a key finding in an independent study commissioned by NewsMediaWorks into the roles different media play in readers’ lives, and how they use local newspapers as part of this mix.
  2. Six strategic roles of newspaper advertising – a useful insight into the six distinct strategic roles that print ads can play to create powerful connections with readers.
  3. In news media we trust – Trust is at the heart of influence, and consumer studies consistently prove that news media – in print and digital – outperform other media in delivering credible, believable and trustworthy messaging.
  4. Pitch perfect platform – Engagement is critical to advertising effectiveness. As a high-attention medium, marketers who advertise in news media can reap rewards from placing their messages in an environment where consumers are paying close attention.
  5. The biggest jobs market – Why news media remains the right solution for employers to reach high-calibre candidates.
  6. Super-marketing – how supermarkets use news media advertising to influence the 2 million grocery buyers currently dissatisfied with their main supermarket.
  7. Tapping into customers – To stay profitable in tough trading conditions, the hospitality industry must work hard to get patrons through the doors. Consumer data shows how news media advertising helps attract target customers.
  8. How brands can reach the decision makers – Influencing decision-makers is key to successful selling. Find out how to connect with them.
  9. Suite returns for hotels from newspaper media –How top travel and accommodation brands use news brands to capture their slice of a vibrant market.
  10. News media readers are valuable consumers – Reaching large numbers of potential buyers is an important component of effective advertising but, for marketers, ensuring they get their message in front of the right consumers is paramount. Here, we reveal how capturing the attention of affluent shoppers pays dividends for advertisers.

And here are five of our other favourites chosen by the team at NewMediaWorks:-

  1. Australia’s best brands – In a crowded market, a company’s brand is its most valuable asset. Here we reveal consumers’ favourite companies across the auto, liquor, handset and airline sectors, and discover how they stack up against the competition.
  2. Always in fashion – Shopaholic news media readers shop more often and spend more on fashion than non-readers. News media reaches 9 out of 10 these fashion shoppers each month – that’s 15.5 million readers.
  3. Drive call-to-action with community news media – For ROI-minded marketers, community newspapers can be a valued acquisition channel, proven to convert prospects into buyers. One in three readers say a community newspaper ad, in print or online, encouraged them to make a purchase.
  4. Location perfect to reach home buyers – Discover how online research goes hand-in-hand with print real estate sections to help consumers gather relevant information to support the buying process. With a combination of print and digital marketing, homes sell faster and for more.
  5. Advertisers have ticket to ride – As commuter numbers increase on public transport across our cities, find out why digital news media advertising is just the ticket to catch consumers on the move.

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