Fairfax to sell rich media programmatically


Fairfax Media has launched a programmatic offering that allows advertisers to buy rich media across its mobile and desktop platforms, in an expansion of Fairfax Exchange, the automated marketplace it launched earlier this year.

To build the programmatic capabilities for selling rich media, Fairfax partnered with Cadreon, which is the trading desk division of IPG Mediabrands.

Trading desk commercial manager for Fairfax, Lee Callagher, said the company has made an effort to expand the variety of inventory it offers programmatically.

“Up until now, the programmatic market has been predominantly trading standard media formats,” he said.

“Adding rich media to our programmatic offering reinforces Fairfax Media’s commitment to providing our clients with a premium environment and a broader product range that caters for a wider level of demand.”

Fairfax Exchange, which launched in July, uses AppNexus’s real time bidding platform to offer inventory to advertisers via private auctions – which is available to select buyers and offers impression volumes, specific audience buys, customised placements and a variety of targeting solutions – or through the open auction, which is available to any bidder.

General manager for Cadreon, Jessica White, said that offering a variety of inventory through the automated platform provides greater choice for advertising clients.

“The ability to trade rich media provides Cadreon and our clients with a great benefit – the availability of far more premium inventory in rich media,” she said.

“This equates to greater choice and further diversifies our programmatic offering.”

Last month Fairfax partnered with Mi9 to launch the Australian Premium Advertising Exchange (APEX), a premium mobile programmatic ad exchange.

Premium mobile properties owned and operated by Fairfax and Mi9 will be part of the APEX inventory along with third party publishers like the Daily Mail Australia, totalling more than 50 locally created mobile sites and apps accessible via real time bidding technology.

Chief executive of APEX, Pippa Leary, said the platform was a world first.

“We initially started discussions around desktop, but it became very obvious that mobile was really where there was an opportunity to bring something unique to the market,” she said.

“We looked around the world and actually couldn’t see any other examples of premium publishers getting together to create a bespoke mobile real time bidding exchange, so it’s the first one in the world of its type.”

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