Fairfax launches third niche site

Fairfax launches third niche siteThe Vocal is designed to encourage readers to take action on a range of social causes

A third niche website has been launched by Fairfax Media, following last week’s public unveiling of two blog-style, online-only publications promoted through social media.

The latest addition is called The Vocal, an “action-oriented, social-first and radically positive” site that focus on achievements and causes, and to encourage readers to take action in response.

“Our idea of action is broad,” the site says. “You can learn about the issue and share it with friends. You can click an action button which takes you one step closer to collectively helping to fix the issue.

“Or you can simply change the way you think and act on an everyday level. We believe all action matters, no matter how small.”

The site says it will take in content in a variety of formats, including interactive features and video. It is being edited by Sheree Joseph.

The Vocal joins Celsius, a climate journalism blog, and The Optimist, which features upbeat, highly shareable content.

The Sydney Morning Herald editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir described those sites as an experiment at a subscriber event last week.

“If it doesn’t work, we’ll kill it,” he said.

Mr Goodsir said the sites would be promoted through social media. “I think one of the exciting things about this is to see how this sort of journalism can survive outside of the sponsorship of the mothership website.”

The three new sites join a new Science Is Golden podcast created by science editor Nicky Phillips, which takes its title and tone from a successful Facebook page launched by the Herald.

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