Fairfax extends its independent campaign

Fairfax Media has expanded its “Independent. Always” tagline with a new advertising campaign to highlight the quality its journalism, the value of its subscriptions and the editorial voices of The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

“Independent News for Independent Thinkers” showcases the publisher’s coverage across print and digital and features advertisements that reference the people and issues making headlines.

The campaign is currently being featured in the publisher’s two major mastheads and will extend to out-of-home placements in Sydney and Melbourne over the coming weeks.

The rollout of the campaign was followed by the launch of new “subscriber hubs” for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald – online destinations where subscribers can access exclusive content, video, events and other benefits.

Editorial director Sean Aylmer said the campaign grabbed people’s attention and focused their minds on the big news stories and issues.

“Our journalists drive the conversations that matter in our communities through the powerful, independent journalism they deliver. They are the trusted voice for millions of readers who value knowing the full story,” Mr Aylmer said.

Customer marketing and growth director for The SMH and The Age, Michael Laxton, said the campaign aimed to validate readers’ decisions to subscribe to Fairfax’s mastheads “and reaffirm the access they get to quality journalism and exclusive subscriber-only events and benefits”.

Fairfax Media launched its “Independent. Always” tagline in 2013.

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