Fairfax launches Google Glass app

Fairfax launches Google Glass app

Fairfax Media has launched a news app for Google Glass, which will allow overseas readers access to The Sydney Morning Herald coverage of news, sports and business.

Google Glass, the wearable technology that is currently available in beta form in North America and the United Kingdom, is a hands-free device that users wear on their heads and performs smartphone-like tasks.

The release of the Google Glass app will allow Australian expats in Britain and the US to access Fairfax media content on Glass devices. When Glass is publically released in Australia, the app will be launched locally for Australian audiences.

The mobile director for Fairfax Media, Stefan Savva, said that the app was aimed to provide Fairfax readers content where and when they wanted it.

“The app summarises the top stories across news, sport and business so that they are more convenient and suited to the Glass environment,” he said.

“When an article is selected by the user, the app uses text-to-voice technology to play an audio track directly into the Glass speaker.”

The app for Glass was developed as a part of Fairfax’s Ignition innovation program, which is designed to inspire the development of proof-of-concept products, which are assessed later for their market potential.

General manager for product solutions at Fairfax, Mark Cohen, said that the biggest change in consumer behaviour among this generation was that they are “constantly connected”.

“This offers vast opportunities to publishers to harness new technology and bring content to their mobile audiences, as well as opening up new opportunities to advertisers,” he said.

“Fairfax Media is continually seeking new and innovative ways to provide value to our readers and advertisers across our existing platforms, as well as new platforms.

“Over the next two years, we will see wearables, the connected car, connected home, location services and messaging apps launch and come into their own with connected users.”

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