Fairfax launches ‘Brand Discover’

Fairfax Media launched a native advertising product range this week that will enable advertisers to create, design and promote branded content across The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age websites.

The initiative called “Brand Discover”, has been designed to showcase Fairfax Media’s expertise in content creation, article design and brand integration, and promotion.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the Brand Discover launch partner, utilising the format to promote its institutional banking services in a series of five articles across Business Day.

Created by business journalist Brad Howarth, the article content offers insights around trends that impact the way thought-leaders make business decisions, while the article templates contain integrated high impact sponsorship placements.

Fairfax Media is the first news publisher to launch a native advertising format in Australia.

Overseas, publishers such as The Washington Post and Forbes have launched similar products, which have proved to be very successful.

Initially “Brand Discover” will be available across desktop and tablet sites, while a smartphone optimised version will become available shortly.

For its launch, “Brand Discover” will offer two formats, Brand Discover articles (series of stand-alone articles), and Brand Discover eBooks (responsive eBooks containing a series of articles).

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