Dan Murphy’s partnership shows the way for Fairfax

Fairfax Media has embarked on a major integrated brand partnership between  its Good Food brand and wine retailer Dan Murphy’s – a form of advertising Fairfax sees an important source of fresh revenue.

The venture will see recipes and editorial provided by Good Food writers accompanied by expert wine, spirit and beer recommendations from Dan Murphy’s, and drink reviews enhanced with the option to purchase products online.

Fairfax director, FX and partnerships, Ainslee O’Brien, saw these types of integrated solutions as “a big part”of the company’s future.

“Advertisers want solutions that add real value – gone are the days where we just badge things.

“We can create solutions that add value and utility to a consumer’s life rather than just putting a message in front of them.”

An example of the Dan Murphy's wine matching function on the Good Food website

An example of the Dan Murphy’s wine matching function on the Good Food website

Ms O’Brien said the project was “pretty ambitious”.

“The exciting thing is it’s always really had the customer and the consumer at the heart of it which has made it a brilliant collaboration on both sides,” she said.

Fairfax group director of life media, Melina Cruickshank said: “This is a smart example of deep brand integration that adds value to Good Food’s fast-growing audiences. Our readers are just as passionate about drinks as they are about good food.”

Ms O’Brien said Dan Murphy’s approached Fairfax looking to undertake a brand repositioning and reappraisal campaign that would change perceptions of the brand.

While people were “quite fond of the brand”, as one of the biggest liquor retailers “they wanted to reposition themselves away from this cheap, big-box liquor store and shift their brand into this lifestyle arena, as a trusted drinks adviser.”

Ms O’Brien said the partnership provided a high level of value to readers and the client alike.

“We exist in such a culinary-obsessed nation, and understanding food and wine matches shows a real social currency,” she said. “So we thought we could work with Dan Murphy’s to add value and utility to that food and wine research and planning phase.

“It’s a new functionality we’ve created specifically for Dan Murphy’s but on top of that, we’ve allowed them to act as our exclusive transaction partner on all of our wine reviews.”

The integration sees the functions provided by Dan Murphy’s – including wine matching recommendations next to recipes and purchase buttons and a BYO restaurant wine recommendation engine online. Ms O’Brien said the functions would be clearly labelled and located alongside the editorial content rather than within it, ensuring transparency and a distinction between the brand material and the editorial. “It integrates very neatly with our content,” she said.

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  1. Sad to see what was up until now, a ‘must read’ lift out (and keep) part of my Tuesday, will now deteriorate into a 16 page Dan Murphy ‘advertorial’. Will we see Ralph Kyte-Powell replaced by one of Woolworths ‘Wine Advisors’? Why would a Fully Licensed Restaurant (such as one of your biggest advertisers Di Stasio in Melbourne) even consider advertising when Dan will be pointing consumers in the direction of DM’s recommended BYO restaurants? Will Larissa Dubecki be reduced to having to review a Dan Murphy approved (BYO) restaurant? Will Craft Breweries have to ‘sell their soul’ by having their beers stocked nationally by Dan to even have a chance of getting a review? Will there be anything of interest left to read that isn’t polluted by a Dan Murphy blurb?

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