Fairfax targets data analysis for advertisers

Fairfax targets data analysis for advertisersFairfax Media's new data commercialisation manager Claire Gibson

Fairfax Media has created the new role of data commercialisation manager – a position that will assist advertisers to collect and use data on the behaviour of website users and shape advertising strategies.

The move comes soon after the publisher announced the creation of an in-house mobile and tablet advertising team, focused on creating advertising systems designed specifically for mobile devices.

Claire Gibson has been appointed to the new position, and will operate within the digital ad development division.

In her role, Ms Gibson will work on the development of products which allow advertisers to collect data that helps them better target potential consumers by analysing their moves on the web.

Fairfax’s digital ad development director Tereza Alexandratos said Ms Gibson would be “looking at data we own and collect, and packaging that into products that can be used by advertisers.”

“We’re mainly talking about behavioural data,” Ms Alexandratos said.

“We can track [users’] browsing behaviour and draw some conclusions about what ads are more effective.”

Ms Gibson previously worked at Beamly, a social network for TV viewers, where she was responsible for working on sales strategy and executing integrated ad campaigns with Beamly’s partners.

Prior to Beamly, Ms Gibson worked at Fairfax where she was a data specialist, managing targeted advertising products.

Ms Alexandratos said that interpreting data on users’ browsing habits and applying that data to advertising strategies was becoming a standard part of what publishers are expected to offer.

“It’s become important to have data literate people within an organisation,” Ms Alexandratos said.

“So, what insights can we get about our audience to help advertisers plan better?”

She told The Newspaper Works Ms Gibson would also be trying to develop other data-based opportunities for advertisers.

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