Facebook refunds advertisers after another ad error

Facebook refunds advertisers after another ad errorPhoto: Supplied/ Facebook

Facebook has admitted another measurement error within its advertising products, forcing the company to refund hundreds of advertisers.

The fault was found in Facebook’s video ad carousel feature. Software was identifying users accessing the ads through a browser on their smartphone – not the official app – as click through to the brands website rather than views.

None of the affected companies have been confirmed, but several Australian organisations are believed to be on the list.

While the bug has been fixed, this is another instance in a series of controversies for the social media company.

Earlier this year, Facebook’s ad measure inflated the number of video views achieved, in some cases by more than 90 per cent. The fake news issue is still top of the company’s agenda, as it tries to clamp down on the problem before the UK general election in June.

This week has been an important one for Facebook, with the appointment of Australian managing director Will Easton and the start of a parliamentary inquiry into the future of Australian journalism, in which the social media company will be a major point of discussion.

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