Exploding newspaper ad

An exploding online newspaper ad draws consumers to the issue of civilian Landmine and cluster bomb casualties.

Walk Without Fear Foundation from jcheung38 on Vimeo.

A Canadian newspaper website mimicked an explosion to simulate the effect landmines have on civilian populations for the Walk Without Fear Foundation. Its aim was to generate awareness about the issue and drive donations to the organisation.

Visitors to metronews.ca were immediately redirected to a website that had the same look and feel of the online masthead’s homepage.  Newspaper content comprised of articles and advertising about family, children and safety. A few moments later, a landmine “embedded” in the site exploded leaving a cloud of smoke coating the webpage.

To enhance the impact – and the user experience – the advertisement used sound, adding an extra sensory dimension to the explosion.

When the dust cleared, the entire newspaper’s homepage had been destroyed. A call to action for donations appeared in the crater.

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