Expanded roles for key players at News

Expanded roles for key players at NewsJulian Delany has been promoted as part of a restructure of the technology division.

News Corp Australia has announced the expansion of several roles and the creation of a new prestige publishing division, following recent departures of executives Nicole Sheffield and Nick Smith.

Digital leadership will be taken up by Julian Delany and Dominic Hatfield.

Mr Delany will continue as managing director of News DNA, whose current responsibilities of subscriptions, product delivery, content optimisation and digital revenue will be expanded to incorporate digital platforms and strategy, as well as accountability for Food Corp.

Mr Hatfield will move from chief technology officer to the new role of chief information officer, with the added responsibilities of managing business intelligence and enterprise data.

Executive chairman of News Corp Australasia Michael Miller said the new structure created better opportunity for profitable growth into the future.

“We are moving to a model that realigns the responsibilities under digital and technology to best reflect how we will serve both our external consumers and our internal customers.

“The result is a clear digital ecosystem to deliver on consumer product and client solutions along with a sharper focus for technology to allow it to evolve into a true enterprise and information function,” Mr Miller said.

Chief data officer Adam King also will be departing News Corp, taking up a new role with Fox Sports.

New prestige publishing division

The News Prestige Network will be given its own publishing division, bringing together The Australian and Conde Nast International titles Vogue Australia, Vogue Living and GQ Australia.

Nicolas Grey will head the new division alongside his current role.

Nicolas Grey will head the new division alongside his current role.

Nicolas Grey will head the new division as News Prestige Network publisher alongside his current position as CEO of The Australian. His new responsibilities will put him across commercial, product and marketing.

Editorial direction will be provided by Edwina McCann, current editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, focusing on Vogue Australia, Vogue Living and GQ Australia.

Food Corp director Fiona Nilsson will move to the role of lifestyle director, responsible for the Food and Homes portfolios.

Andrew Cook will be joining News from SBS, where he was formerly director of media sales. He has been appointed general manager of advertising for The Australian and the News Prestige Network. His role will commence April 30.

Mr Cook will replace Vaughan Cottier who is moving to the US.