Every cigarette you don’t smoke

A digital newspaper ad from the Australian Government's "Stop smoking, start repairing" campaign outlines the health gains that occur when a smoker chooses to quit.

Australian Governmentn Smoking November 2013The simple MREC banner ad rotates through messages that clearly states the health benefits associated with quitting. By referencing timeframes and dates in the communication, the message take-outs become more tangible to smokers, giving them a sense of physical accomplishment by running the course and quitting in what would otherwise be an arbitrary battle of willpower.

Simple messaging also works on a level of cut-through and recall, while positive messaging helps to reinforce the short and long term health benefits, delivering call to action by reducing the amount of cigarettes smoked, prompting friends and families to discuss smoking and health with their loved ones and, of course, to stop smoking.

The National Tobacco Campaign aims to contribute to a reduction in the prevalence of adult daily smoking from 15.9%  currently, to 10%  or less by 2018.

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