Enjoy the view – how holidays are bought

Enjoy the view – how holidays are bought

Download the 4-page summary of the research and a slide-deck of the findings available in PowerPoint or PDF format.

To understand how to engage holidaymakers on their path to purchase, NewsMediaWorks has collaborated with Research Now to develop one of Australia’s largest path to purchase projects.

This study gathered information from a 610-strong sample of buyers in real-time across one of the four stages of an average holidaymaker’s purchasing approach.

These four stages are:

  • Recognising Need
  • Researching Options
  • Forming a Shortlist
  • Booking a holiday

The research found holidaymakers have a list of six demands that stay with them throughout the process of deciding they need a holiday through to booking travel and accommodation.

These core needs are:

  • Inspiration – what I’m really looking for
  • Price – the best deal
  • Inclusions – how different options match up
  • Reviews – what do media experts think
  • Recommendations – from family, friends and media writers
  • Where to book –  purchasing information

Holidaymakers use a wide range of media to help find the right holiday, according to the research conducted by ResearchNow on behalf of the industry body.

News media plays a valuable role in providing information relating to their six needs at all four stages of the purchase process, influencing the buying process of nearly half (47%) of holidaymakers.

The research finds social media plays a small role in an average buyer’s search compared with organic search, comparison websites, travel company websites and news media, which dominate initial information gathering efforts.

TV performs well at delivering inspiration, magazines tell holidaymakers where to book and news media is a valued source of reviews and recommendations.

Recommendations, both online and off, have a strong influence consumers, with 39 per cent saying they were influenced to research a destination based on recommendations.

Late in the sales cycle, significant influence is wielded by online platforms as buyers look for confirmation they’re getting the best deal.

Download the 4-page summary of the research, and a PDF and PowerPoint deck of the findings.


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