Emotional trends of video ads revealed with new Unruly tool

Emotional trends of video ads revealed with new Unruly tool

An analytics tool that gives brands insights into the emotional trends of video advertising has been rolled out to Australia by Unruly, a video ad-tech company acquired by News Corp last year.

Unruly Pulse utilises a first-party data set of 850,000 responses to help marketers understand which emotions drive media engagement across different demographics, times of year and industry sectors.

Australians are less emotional than the global average in response to media, with the data revealing them to be:Unruly

  • 33 per cent less likely to feel intense feelings of happiness
  • 12 times less likely to feel intense feelings of warmth, and
  • 28 per cent less likely to feel intense inspiration

They are twice as likely to feel intense sadness. Compared with Americans, Australians are half as likely to feel happiness, amazement and inspiration after watching a video ad.

Pulse can be used to optimise ad distribution, discover viewer motivation to share content and enable advertisers to compare analysis of individual ads.

Local Unruly managing director Lance Traore said emotional advertising delivered better campaign metrics, brand performance and business results.

“Unruly Pulse helps advertisers to power up their video strategy. By being able to identify and quantify the key drivers of consumer engagement, marketers will have a better understanding of what works for their audience and why,” he said.

Pulse is already available in the UK, US, South-East Asia, France, Germany and Scandinavian countries.

Chief executive of Media Intelligence Co, Professor Karen Nelson-Field, said advertisers could gain a huge advantage from this information.

In February, News Corp Australia introduced Unruly’s In-Article video format across the websites of its metro mastheads.

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