emma launch date announced

The Readership Works today announced that emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), the new cross platform audience insights survey, will launch on August 19th this year.

This date will mark the first data and insights release from emma™, which will include the landmark fused data from Nielsen Online Ratings, and provide a more accurate and complete picture of the way people consume newspapers and magazines across platforms.

“This will be an historic day for the industry. In the development of emma™ we believe we have met and exceeded calls from media agencies and advertisers for cross-platform accountability and greater accuracy, transparency and frequency of data,” The Readership Works General Manager Mal Dale said.

“emma’s™ methodology will enable media agencies and advertisers to have confidence in the data to paint richer, more contemporary consumer portraits.”

When the first data and insights are released on August 19th, it will feature a number of innovations in the Australian market:

  • A more in-depth database of all newspaper and magazine formats capturing data across across print, website, mobile and tablet
  • The fusion of Nielsen Online Ratings data with the emma™ survey – the two independently audited audience measurement systems will combine data, with Nielsen providing Ipsos MediaCT with its Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Australia) – endorsed online audience ratings data which will be fused onto the emma™ survey data.
  • Sophisticated survey techniques utilised to interview 50,000 people a year, seven days a week
  • Readership data on individual branded sections of newspapers
  • New contemporary segmentation of the Australian population with 10 new consumer segments identified
  • New insights into brand and product consumer behaviour.

“One of emma’s™ first major innovations to follow shortly after launch will be the inclusion of community titles into the same database. This will be a first for the Australian publishing industry and a significant improvement for media buyers who currently have to use two separate databases,” Ipsos MediaCT Managing Director Simon Wake said.

“We have taken global best practice in readership and applied it to create a next generation audience insights survey in emma™. As part of our comprehensive innovation plan, we will also release an engagement metric in the near future.”

The new measurement survey has been developed by independent research company Ipsos MediaCT, global leaders in local audience measurement. Ipsos conducts national audience surveys and is the official measurement system in 41 countries including the UK, Italy and France.

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