emma to add geo-targeting capabilities to database

emma to add geo-targeting capabilities to database

The Readership Works and Ipsos MediaCT have announced a series of innovations to the emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) newspaper audience survey, including geo-targeting capabilities that allow for hyper-local marketing and media planning.

The enhancements, which are part of emma’s product roadmap for the remainder of 2014 and will be rolled out over the coming months, follow the recent launch of the emma engagement metric, which provides data on how print publications in Australia engage specific audiences.

Implementing geo-targeting in the broader emma product will offer media planners, advertisers and publishers the necessary audience profiles to assist them in planning newspaper media ad buys at a local level. The geo-targeting tool will allow for side-by-side comparison of local area markets, including the ability to rank markets and local market segments by spending potential and likely return-on-investment.

Emma has also fused data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Household Expenditure Survey, which records expenditure, income and other features of Australian household residents, onto the audience survey.

Two Ipsos reports have also been integrated into the emma product: a report on health care and health insurance in Australia, as well as a food and health report, which annually surveys 3000 Australians on consumer behaviour and preferences in relation to their eating habits.

Furthermore, in upgrades to the core survey data, additional brand and product category data in toiletries, cosmetics, travel and more will roll into the emma database over the coming months. Other enhancements include the implementation of social media consumer interaction data – covering user interaction with other media, brands and personal information, such as friends, followers, connections and platforms used.

The Readership Works general manager Mal Dale said that further innovations to emma were being planned for 2015.

“Next year’s product roadmap will be even more ambitious as we work closely with Ipsos and other third-party providers to deliver sustainable ways of adding rich, accurate and relevant data to emma,” he said.

Ipsos MediaCT managing director Simon Wake said that the enhancements would provide emma subscribers with the ability for more depth in the creation of more sophisticated consumer profiles.

“From emma’s inception, we promised to collaborate with industry to deliver continuous improvement,” he said.

“Our product roadmap is based on this premise and this is another significant milestone in emma’s development.”

New additions to emma, including the geo-targeting tool, will be demonstrated at the 2014 Future Forum conference, which will be held on Sydney August 20-21.

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