Download The Works Q2

Download The Works Q2

The second-quarter edition of The Newspaper Works’ quarterly newspaper audience report, The Works, has just been released.

In this issue of The Works, the latest figures on a significant rise in digital newspaper subscriptions, breakdowns on print newspaper readership by state and how newspapers’ digital audience members are quicker to uptake TV streaming services than the rest of the population.

Marketing strategist Rob Pyne analyses the importance of trust in building business relationships and how to increase ‘trust capital,’ while The Newspaper Works’ Adrian Fernandes uncovers case studies that highlight the effectiveness of print ads.

Additionally, The Works looks at the higher home sale rate achieved by advertising property in a newspaper.

“Newspapers’ role in society – in print and digital – is the foundation on which to build a commercial enterprise,” The Newspaper Works chief executive Mark Hollands said in the latest edition.

“The newspaper sector, with all its digital assets, has a solid base from which to engage commercially – strong audience numbers, engaged and motivated readers and remains at the epicentre of cultural influence.

“The magic happens when these elements are understood and mixed with innovative ideas from publishers that are designed to meet the business goals of their clients.”

Read the digital version on PressReader or download the digital version as a PDF below.


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