Denver out to cover a different Rocky Mountain High

The Denver Post adds a marijuana editor to its stable as the legalisation of cannabis approaches in the New Year.

Denver out to cover a different Rocky Mountain HighDenver Post marijuana editor Ricardo Baca during an appearance on the Colbert Report.

Appointing a marijuana editor to a major metropolitan newspaper might seem like a marketing stunt, but the appointment of Ricardo Baca to the role at The Denver Post is anything but.

Recreational cannabis use will be legalised in Colorado as of New Year’s Day, and Mr Baca’s appointment is a sign the masthead is taking the legislation seriously.

“While our site will be a mix of news and entertainment and features and columns and reviews, we will have voices in the mix from all sides of the story,” Mr Baca said in a Q&A on the paper’s website.

The Denver Post already has established a round, with reporters dedicated to tackling the evolution of the legislation from its early days as purely medicinal, to now being on the cusp of legality.

The paper also will expand its coverage, creating a team of freelancers to tackle the subject.

It aims to cover events, news, developments and is even looking for a “freelance pot critic” to review various types of cannabis.

Mr Baca warned that the launch period after January 1 will be difficult, and he “can’t imagine it will be the cleanest of rollouts”.

“There will be messes, and we’ll be there to cover them,” he said.

“There will be triumphs, and we’ll cover those as well.

“And as journalists, it’s one of the greatest stories you could ever ask for.”

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