de Briganti talks on Methode’s biggest rollout

Methode’s partnership with News Corp Australia, which began last year, is one of the production system’s biggest rollouts yet, covering 160 mastheads across the country.

The system, which has also been adopted by The Australian Financial Review, provides a centralised filing system which streamlines the adaptation of content for print and a variety of digital platforms.

The general manager of Eidos Media, Lodovico de Briganti, spoke to The Newspaper Works about how the company tackled the challenge and why there is a constant need to innovate in media publishing.

“The involvement of the editorial side is crucial,” he said. “Because at the end of the day, this is a product that they’re going to use.

“It has to be done for them, and with them.”

Eidos has several innovations in the pipeline, from Memo, a tool to allow journalists to produce, file and upload their work from tablet platforms, and Smart, a business organisation tool.

They are also in the early stages of branching out into partnerships with other sectors, including finance.

“You’ll see a lot of experimenting,” he said of the years ahead.

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