Volkswagen invests in print ad campaign

DDB Group Sydney has created a print advertising campaign for major client Volkswagen Group Australia, aiming to promote Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.

The campaign, named ‘Ruined’, will feature in Australian print media and executive creative director of DDB Sydney, Dylan Harrison, said that the company is accentuating the link between Volkswagen’s high-end car product and its accessory brand.

“Volkswagen is renowned for making cars of the highest standards,” he said. “Their accessories are no different. And if you skimp on this seemingly trivial detail when buying a VW, you could be ruining the car.”

Compositionally, the advertisements pair two seemingly incongruous objects next to each other, with the purpose being to highlight for viewers the impracticality of not partnering one apparently quality purchase (a Volkswagen car) with a supplementary quality purchase (Volkswagen car accessories).

Four different versions of this concept are illustrated in the campaign, each with the catch phrase ‘Don’t ruin a good purchase with a bad one’.

The items that have been paired in each advertisement are a bonsai tree and a hedge trimmer a colourful fish and a tin bucket, a chandelier and a trampoline, as well as a pink pair of runners and a glass of ice cream.

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories is the car manufacturer’s car accessory brand, selling products like child seats, car cleaning kits, iPod adaptors and brand merchandise.

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Images of the four Volkswagen print ads:

60766_VGAAS0047_Volkswagen Genuine Accessories Print_0.2_HR2

60765_VGAAS0047_Volkswagen Genuine Accessories Print_0.2_HR5

60767_VGAAS0047_Volkswagen Genuine Accessories Print_0.2_HR

60768_VGAAS0047_Volkswagen Genuine Accessories Print_0.2_HR3

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