David Jones “Promise”

David Jones' "Promise" newspaper ad achieved significant for Affinity, suggesting the communications worked on a branding level.

David Jones "Promise"Key findings

This ad has achieved very strong and positive results for Creative Diagnostics, doing very well against statements such as:

  • Has a great photo / image
  • Looks good

Significant results were achieved for Affinity on RoleMap and the most likely action off the back of the ad was ‘Visit store/look out for’.

There were mostly positive reactions to the ad’s refinement and links back to heritage. Some verbatims expressed that this ad reinforced to them that David Jones is a store for the ‘upper class’ and they could buy cheaper elsewhere.

In a comparison with Ebay, who attempted to ‘copycat’ this ad in a tactical way, it was clear that David Jones drew stronger levels of Affinity and consumer intentions.

Overall, the ad demonstrated a different approach that generated good feelings towards David Jones. This can only be a positive result in what is probably the most challenging retail environment on record.

Download full results in the document below.