Cross-platform opportunities in increased ad spend

Publishers should focus their energies on cross-platform advertising, according to the managing director of media agency Starcom, which launched its Media Futures survey this week that predicts an increase in ad spend.

The report also suggests advertisers’ spend on mobile platforms is set to soar in 2015, but newspapers remain their second-most-used platform.

Advertising and media executives were asked to predict this year’s advertising spend. Media executives suggested a 1.3 per cent growth while advertisers predicted growth of 2.7 per cent on last year.

They were asked a range of questions about where that money would be spent, and the results show that advertisers expect to see their spend on mobile advertising jump almost 23 per cent.

Responders saw an expenditure decrease of 5.9 per cent in newspaper advertising spend, but Starcom’s managing director Annick Perrin said this signalled publishers should focus on cross-platform advertising to capitalise on the increased mobile investment.

“Connecting newspapers and magazines and out of home with social and mobile is where the opportunity lies,” Ms Perrin told The Newspaper Works.

“Some are quite well down the path, and others are just starting,” she said.

Starcom managing director Annick Perrin

Starcom managing director Annick Perrin

She said out of home advertisers – messages on billboards, public transport, and street furniture – were doing a good job integrating those campaigns with mobile platforms.

Regardless of executives’ predictions, 77 per cent of advertisers surveyed bought space on the pages of a newspaper in 2014, second only to free-to-air television.

While the majority of platforms are expected to see only a relatively minor growth in ad spend this year, mobile isn’t the only area where growth will go through the roof.

Advertising on social media will jump almost 22 per cent, according to the survey, which was launched on Tuesday evening in Sydney and Wednesday in Melbourne.

Advertisers also flagged a continuing investment in content marketing, which has developed substantially in 2014 and looks set to grow further this year. Investment in content marketing will be complemented by a big jump in the number of agencies looking to boost data collection and analysis.

Seventy per cent of advertisers said they expect to work with other organisations to analyse data or establish a data management platform to use it to plan campaigns.

Ms Perrin said that provides an opportunity for publishers.

“The majority of agency groups have a content arm. So the difference now is that we have the data segmentation to deliver the relevant message to the right audience at the right time,” she said.

“Publishers need to help agencies understand their data. So if they can work closely with media agencies and their internal content development arms, then they can quite easily tap into where the focus is from a client and agency point of view.”

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