Creative space results

NZ - A series of New Zealand case studies look into the results that have been derived from advertisements that use newspaper space creatively.

What are the results? It’s a burning question when Advertisers and agencies alike want to pursue creative opportunities in using newspaper space creatively.

If proof has been holding you back, check out these case studies from New Zealand that provide positive, and in some cases, overwhelmingly voluminous outcomes as a result of a non-standard newspaper ad.

Sabato pasta sauces
Three weeks since the newspaper ad insertion, average daily sales increase by 56%. For one major stockist sales of the sauces were up 66% by the end of the campaign.

Sunsense anti-aging moisturising
Within a week of the press ad running, Sunsense sold 3 months of stock. Half-way through the third week they had sold an entire year’s worth of stock – unprecedented in pharmacy retail.
After this newspaper ad ran, traffic to the website increased by 72% compared to the month before to advertising. It also generated thousands of leads.

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