Creative does wonders

NZ - Sabato's simple, clever newspaper ad did wonders to their sales and brand recognition.

About the client

Sabato is a well known importer of high quality ingredients, primarily from Italy, Spain and France. Their showroom is in Auckland and they have stockists around the country. One of their staples is their range of genuine Italian made pasta sauces.


Full page insertion into daily newspapers, selected based on the location of stockists around the country.

The creative execution involves the newspaper doubling up as a napkin to collect the mess of the pasta sauce.

The ad ran between one and three times in each title, over a three week campaign period.


After the first insertion in the New Zealand Herald, there was a 40% increase in customer visits to their Auckland showroom. Over the next three weeks they saw average daily sales increase on the pasta sauce range by 56%. In one major stockist in Auckland alone sales of the sauces were up 66% by the end of the campaign.

“Newspapers have been effective in not only driving sales of our pasta sauce range, but also in raising awareness of the Sabato brand.” Richard Trussler, General Manager Sabato.

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