Community readers – Smell the bouquet

Community readers – Smell the bouquet

We explore emmaTM to understand how brand owners and retailers of alcoholic drinks can best take advantage of advertising opportunities in community newspapers.

Community readers are more partial to wine

  • 4.2m aged 18+ read community newspapers
  • 50% bought from a liquor store in the last month
  • 1m bought alcohol and 2.2m bought wine in the last month
  • 8% more likely to have bought wine in the last month

2.2m readers bought wine

Fully 73% of community newspaper readers bought alcohol in the last month. These readers are particularly keen on their wine with 2.2m buying it – that’s 52% of them, meaning they’re 8% more likely to buy it than the average Australian aged 18+. And they’re actually 26% more likely to buy brandy/cognac, but this does represent a small proportion of alcoholic beverages.


“Australian wine is better”

Of community readers, 32% agree that Australian wines are better than wines from overseas – that indexes at 14% more likely to feel that way compared with the average aged 18+. Also of particular interest is the fact that they have a higher tendency to be conscious of calories. Maybe this in some ways reflects the fact that they’re 15% more likely to drink light beer (not shown).


Worth a mention is the fact that they are 19% more likely to purchase more alcohol online than from a store. It is still only 8% of community readership, but it does indicate an opportunity for some advertisers.

I’ll have the Bubbles

Shiraz (28%), Sauvignon Blanc (27%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (24%) are the wines most drunk by community newspaper readers, but its Sparkling wine/Champagne that they drink more of relative to the population; 24% have drunk the bubbles in the last month.

SMELL THE BOUQUET_CHART 3Predominantly in store purchase but using online more than others

There are 2.1m readers (50%) who bought alcohol from a liquor store in the last month. That’s similar to the average Australian, but community readers are about 12% more likely to be buying from a club (17%), a specialist store online (6%) or a specialist store (6%).


Offering consumer mass for the biggest retail chains

With 30% of readers buying at Dan Murphy’s store every 3 months or more, this indexes slightly above the average aged 18+. Indeed, strong penetration of the local population means healthy reach for all the major alcohol retail chains, with 733k readers buying at BWS, for example.


Offering efficient targeting for the independent retail chains

We can also see the strength of community newspaper readers for the independent high street retailers such as Chamber Cellars. Compared to the average Australian aged 18+, readers are twice as likely to buy at Chamber Cellars and 82% more likely to buy at Kemenys, for example.


Reaching 4.2m aged 18+

Community newspaper readers shop at their local shopping strip (83%) and like to know what’s going on in their locality (84%).

4.2 million of them are aged 18+ and there are a number of ways in which their alcohol related behaviours make them a particularly strong opportunity for the advertiser when compared with the average Australian aged 18+. Just as examples, they buy wine more, they drink sparkling wine/champagne more, they are more likely to think that Australian wine is better and they are more likely to buy at an independent alcohol retailer. Community newspapers represent an opportunity for local advertisers while also providing mass for national chains and for owners of alcohol brands too.


Source: emmaTM 12 months to December 2016. Readership based on last four weeks. Survey conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, people 14+ ; Nielsen DRM December 2016, People 14+ only. Analysis aged 18+ only.


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