Coles & Woolworths Comparison

See how consumers respond to newspaper ads from Coles and Woolworths.

Key findingsColes & Woolworths Comparison

  • Coles and Woolies are both strong retail ads, performing to a similar level.
  • Both communicate a compelling “half price” message in a clear and visually appealing way.
  • The Coles ad is the second best ad we have tested from any retailer on call to action – Coles also hold top spot with ‘Four Meals for Under $10’.
  • Coles secondary messaging relating to double vouchers may be a contributing factor to its strong scores on Interest and Call to Action.
  • Both ads are contributing to brand equity, particularly through driving relevance.
  • The current Coles ad compares favourably to previous price/range focused Coles ads, which have also performed well.
  • Coles advertising has improved and the ads we have tested in the last couple of years have been on a par with Woolworths.

Download full results of Coles & Woolworths direct comparison February 2011 Creative Benchmarking research below.