Coles builds brand

Coles delivers page after page of brand building newspaper ads, promoting their corporate social responsibility credentials as well as their commitment to low prices and Australian made produce.

Coles Cage Free Eggs The first wave of newspaper ads ran on consecutive right-hand pages, communicating lower prices for everyday essential grocery items at their Express store, as well as the retailer’s commitment to animals welfare by no longer producing Coles’ brand cage-free eggs or sow stall pork meat. The second newspaper execution ran as a double-page spread, espousing the retailer’s ongoing  brand campaign to keeping prices down. This advertisement also speaks to consumers about Coles’ commitment to Australian made produce, a message that is highlighted in significance as we approach Australia Day. Both campaigns ran in a Sydney metropolitan newspaper in the early general news section. See more of our Creative Benchmarking research across a range of advertiser categories, including the Retail category, to learn how consumers engage with and act on newspaper advertising. You might also want to learn more about the Action Map, a proprietary newspaper measure which identifies the form of action a newspaper ad is likely to generate. Likewise, find out about the Role Map, which illustrates how consumers connect with newspaper advertising across the Six Strategic Roles.

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