Clients need integrated solutions, says NZME CEO

Clients need integrated solutions, says NZME CEO“We are about selling audiences – leveraging the power of the many channels that we can connect with these audiences and delivering results for our clients,” said NZME chief executive Jane Hastings.

NZME chief executive Jane Hastings believes a modern media business requires integrated teams working together to deliver the best content or solution for customers, and is looking to achieve this through bringing the company’s three core business together under one roof.

Ms Hastings, a speaker at the Future Forum hosted by The Newspaper Works in September, will update the audience on the progress of the NZME integration and the benefits it provides the company, consumers and clients.

She is part of an international line-up of speakers at the forum that include WPP founder and chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell, News Corp head of digital strategy Raju Narisetti and Huffington Post brand strategy head Lauri Baker.

Ms Hastings said the bringing together of the New Zealand Herald, The Radio Network, and internet deals company GrabOne into one building would create a working environment that met the needs of a modern media and entertainment company.

“We are looking at what is happening internationally – there will be nothing like it in New Zealand,” she said.

“NZME is about the power of our audiences and the cross channel solutions we can create for clients. To truly be an integrated media business, you need integrated teams working together to deliver the best content or solution for our customers.

“Coming together in one location across all of our offices in New Zealand is about becoming one company and one team – we are creating a new culture to reflect this and providing our employees with many more career paths as a result.

“Camaraderie is important, we spend a lot of time working so being able to have a laugh, feel a sense of team and achievement is critical.”

Ms Hasting said all industries were undergoing change, and media was no different. “People are consuming media differently, technology makes everything instant and everyone a potential reporter,” she said.

“There will always be some people who consume media traditionally but more and more we are snacking on content – a tweet about breaking news, a funny clip online, sharing of something we see that’s important to us, scanning headlines between meetings. NZME is embracing the opportunity this gives us.”

She said a core benefit of the integration was the synergies it created and, from a commercial aspect, the economies of scale. “I don’t see problems I only see opportunities,” Ms Hastings said.

“There will naturally be resistance from employees who do not want change. It is our responsibility to help them be ready or choose another career option if it is not right for them or the business.

“We are a customer focussed business and our customers are demanding integrated media options. We are responding.”

Asked what delegates to her session could expect, she said: “An honest, upfront account of the journey we are on.”

The Future Forum will be held at the Hilton in Sydney on Thursday, September 10 and Friday, September 11, and will bring together newspaper media executives and delegates from around the world for masterclasses, a program of high-profile speakers and industry awards.

Sir Martin Sorrell will appear at the Future Forum via video link.

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