Berlei looking for bounce

If you watched more than 5 minutes of the recent broadcast of the Australian Open tennis, you could not have escaped the new TV ad from Berlei that ‘demonstrates’ the benefits of their new sports bra technology.

Berlei Body Soul Fitness Survey DPSThey’ve sought to extend their market presence and position themselves as the ‘authority’ on sports bras, by participating in this two page feature within News Limited’s Body and Soul section.

With the integration of editorial, a product discount promotion, and a half page ad reminiscent of the TV commercial, there are a number communication roles being played here.

These include extension of the TV campaign, delivery of information, reappraisal and affinity for the brand, and a strong call to action.

Other brands that have done a great job of extending their TV campaign through use of newspapers include AAMI and Oral B.


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