Automotive Snakes & Ladders

Our latest research into the automotive category explores the complex purchase process and its implications for newspaper advertising.

It identifies where and how newspapers can play an expanded role for automotive advertisers above the traditional Call to Action normally reserved for the medium. automotive

A less linear purchase process, called Snakes & Ladders, has been validated as part of this research. It counters some of the conventional wisdom about how people work through brand consideration and refined search, revealing that the purchase process is complex.

Emotion also plays an increasingly important role closer to purchase. While newspapers have long demonstrated their credentials in driving Call to Action as well as sales, there are untapped opportunities for automotive advertisers to use newspapers more effectively. Our report provides evidence of a variety of creative routes taken by automotive advertisers to emotionally engage with consumers.

This four-phase research study involves in-depth interviews with key industry personnel, six qualitative research groups with recent / prospective buyers, an online quantitative study with 1,498 recent / prospective buyers as well as 700+ interviews with all people 16+ to validate the research findings in the past 12 months and post GFC.

Download a copy of the Automotive Snakes & Ladders Report below.


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