Automation lifts AP story output, accuracy

The Associated Press has significantly increased its story output since integrating automation technology into its newsroom.

Since employing North Carolina-based technology company Automated Insights to produce automated financial stories for its news product, the AP has seen a tenfold increase in its journalistic output, according to the release by Automated Insights.

Notably, this increase in output has not created a corollary increase in the error ratio, and has not led to any reporters or editors losing their job.

The AP is now generating 3000 stories per quarter, according to the release, with the automated stories containing “far fewer errors” than the financial report stories previously written by AP journalists.

To generate articles, Automated Insights’ platform Wordsmith collects data from Zacks Investment Research, and uses natural language algorithms to write earnings report stories.

Vice president and managing editor of business news for the AP, Lou Ferrara, said that the news agency’s customers were thrilled to get more content about companies in their states and regions.

“Automation has allowed us to free reporters to focus on less data processing and put more energy into high-level reporting,” he said.

“Automation was never about replacing jobs. It has always been about how we can best use the resources we have in a rapidly changing landscape and how we harness technology to run the best journalism company in the world.”

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