Author: Ian Moore

Ian Moore

Ian has had a 48-year career in newspapers, including close to 40 years at News Limited and News Corp Australia. In that time he was editor of three newspapers for the company – The Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Sun and the Sunday Herald Sun. As editor of The Sunday Telegraph from 1985 to 1990, he successfully put the paper ahead of its Sydney rival, The Sun-Herald - a position it retains today. After the merger of the Sunday Herald and the Sunday Sun in Melbourne, Ian became the founding editor of the Sunday Herald Sun. Returning to Sydney, he played a major role in the introduction of colour and fully-digital production at News, as well as holding a number of executive roles. Ian is still retained by News, but has linked up with The Newspaper Works to guide its publishing ventures. “Who would pass up a chance to work for all major newspaper publishers at once,” he says.

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