Australian Grown

This newspaper ad from 'Australian Grown' achieves high scores against many, if not most of our Creative Benchmarking metrics.

Key findingsAustralian Grown

The ad achieved high scores for positive Creative Diagnostics, in particular for ‘Highlights an Important Issue’.

Corresponding with that, the RoleMap scores for being relevant to the Public Agenda were very high. In fact, the ad did significantly well across five out of six strategic roles of newspapers.

The ad did an excellent job at raising awareness of the issue, and leading to a strong potential for behavioural change in prompting consumers to consider the origin of produce.

The ad was seen as being believable, convincing, and providing important information.

Overall, this ad does an excellent job of setting the agenda for a public issue, as well as providing proof points for a specific point of view.

Download full results in the document below.