Aussie as for Australia Day

With Australia Day at the end of this week, many brands will take advantage of the immediacy and reader trust they can harness via newspapers, to talk about their ‘Aussie’ credentials.

Birds Eye Celebrate Australia Day with home grown goodness

Some early examples include Birds Eye, Coles (promoting Twinings Tea) and Berri.

Interestingly, none of the advertised brands come from Australian owned companies. Both Berri and Birds Eye however use Australian produce within these advertised products, and they’re banking on newspaper readers placing importance on this as part of their grocery shopping experience.

It’s a strategy aimed at increasing brand and product relevance around the topicality of Australia Day, and in doing, generate consumer reappraisal and brand affinity.
The imagery of the fruit and the positivity of the message resonated strongly with readers and the test results showed this to be a high performing ad. Read more about it here.

Coles Australian Afternoon Tea

In 2011 and 2012, Berri ran almost (but not quite) identical ads for Australia Day and we tested the 2011 version against our creative benchmarking criteria.

And download our updated 2014 topical calendar for more opportunities to link your newspaper messages to events or days of note here.

Berri It's Called Australian Grown For A Reason


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