Augmented Reality – The Warehouse – Valentine’s Day

NZ - See how New Zealand online retailer, The Warehouse, used augmented reality to build Affinity with their male target audience on Valentine's Day.

Marketing objective

2008 Valentine’s Day activity helped the New Zealand-based online retailer, The Warehouse, build their database’s male segment to 20,000.

For Valentine’s Day 2009, they wanted to re-engage with these guys to once again help them surprise their partners – and score brownie points.

Helping men look as though they went the extra mile for their significant other would create Affinity between The Warehouse and the male target audience, encouraging them to go in-store and buy gifts.

The ‘big’ idea

The campaign’s execution revolved around a ‘secret.’ The Warehouse ran emailed their database to let them in on the secret – that we were running an ad in New Zealand’s largest paper on Valentine’s Day, and they could tell their special lady that they had placed it there, just for her.

The press ad that the Warehouse ran to achieve this goal ad wasn’t just any old ad. It was actually an AR (Augmented Reality) code that would generate a personalised message of love. This personalised message would display when the guy held the ad in front of his webcam.

As well as helping men impress their ladies with this personalised message, the registration site also contained vouchers for Valentine’s Day gifts they could buy in-store at The Warehouse.

Augumented Reality newspaper ad


From an email to our database of 20,000 men, the campaign achieved:

  • Email open rate 48.80%
  • Email click-through rate 57.93%
  • Website visitors 13,438

Over 240 men accessed the vouchers to make their partner’s day even more special.

Download the case study below.


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