Audi launches new hybrid in Fairfax native advertising deal

Audi launches new hybrid in Fairfax native advertising deal

German luxury brand car Audi will launch its new A3 e-tron hybrid vehicle through a native advertising series with Fairfax Media designed to maximise audience engagement through quality articles, videos, galleries, maps and infographics.

The Audi A3 e-tron ‘Long Read’ series will appear in the Executive Style section of Business Day and across Fairfax’s digital and print mastheads.

Written by Fairfax content specialists – separate from the news team – the series explore will explore the broad context of the hybrid’s sustainability in architecture, fashion, automotive and lifestyle.

The style follows the success of long reads such as The New York Times’ Snowfall and native advertising piece Women Inmates, sponsored by Orange Is The New Black creators Netflix.

Fairfax Media custom solutions commercial manager Felix Krueger said: “Our ‘Long Read’ series for Audi is the latest example of how Fairfax Media’s custom content product suite connects engaged, inquisitive readers with advertiser-sponsored premium content.

“Audi’s brand messages for its new A3 e-tron are vividly brought to life through our ‘Long Read’ format, with quality journalism, rich photography and video integration across topics that engage and educate. “

He said this was a great example of how the format could deliver quality brand-aligned content to audiences.

MediaCom senior digital executive James Wainwright said it was becoming increasingly important to connect brands to audiences through relevant, in-depth content. “In this instance, the ‘Long Read’ articles have enabled Audi to establish a realistic connection between the benefits of the e-tron and a lifestyle promoting sustainability,” he said.

“Custom content is only one element of a wider connection with the consumer for the launch of e-tron, however it’s vital in delivering on the deeper education piece needed to introduce such an advanced car into the Australian market.”

The Audi ‘Long Read’ series can be viewed here.

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