Audi campaign highly effective: study

An interactive ad campaign for Audi run by Fairfax Media across its iPad apps for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Brisbane Times has been highly effective, the publisher says.

Research firm TNS looked at the campaign for the Audi TT, which used the iPad’s accelerometer to allow users to tilt the device sideways and see different aspects of the car’s design.

Consumers exposed to the Audi TT campaign experienced an uplift of 20 percentage points for ad recall, increasing to 33 percentage points for those that owned a luxury car, Fairfax said in a statement.

More than half of responders liked the interactive tilting features, TNS also found, and consumers were twice as likely to agree that the Audi TT is a car for “people like them” and that they would recommend the car more than its competitors.

“The study demonstrates that with the combination of engaging creative and the right audience … Audi was able to meet its objectives for the TT pre-launch,” Fairfax mobile commercial manager Stewart Heys said in a statement.

“There are very few smartphone or tablet ad effectiveness studies available in the market. Fairfax is committed to building advertiser confidence in mobile advertising by working with partners like TNS to develop these much-needed effectiveness studies,” Mr Heys said.

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