APN launches enhanced commercial real estate site

APN launches enhanced commercial real estate site

APN New Zealand has launched a unique digital destination for commercial real estate listings that also features editorial, providing readers with the latest commercial property news and information.

TrueCommercial – which also launches in print today as a rebranding of the New Zealand Herald’s twice-weekly commercial property section – contains nationwide listings as well as editorial from the Herald’s real estate writers, data insights and market analysis.

“We’re bringing New Zealand commercial property with perspective,” APN NZ chief marketing officer Kursten Shalfoon said.

“It’s the only website offering much more than national property listings – you’ll find trusted opinion, advice, key data trends and the latest property research.”

APN NZ developed the site after the commercial real estate industry showed unilateral support for the idea.

“The industry came to us and said, ‘you guys are very strong in the printed product. We don’t really have a natural home for digital’,” Mr Shalfoon said.

“They use TradeMe, which is the equivalent of eBay, but it’s not really equipped for the purpose, so TrueCommercial was born out of that.”

Leveraging its strong relationships with the commercial real estate industry – both with individual agents and the industry as a whole – and its strong print footprint and content, APN designed the site with the consumer in mind, he said.

“Rather than just a listings site, it is built around education, editorial and knowledge.

“It’s helping the industry meet a need that had not been met, and that is a true destination for commercial property and a true destination for education.

“We’re delivering something unique for the industry and that’s why they’ve been very supportive.”

The focus on content as well as listings would allow the industry to have a voice within the site as well. “For example, if they produce a market report – which they do because they have a very good overview of the market – we can publish that and expose that to our audience, so it helps its brand as well,” Mr Shalfoon said.

While this week would be “all about the launch”, more features including calculators and additional information will be added to the site in coming weeks.

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