APN cuts ad sizes from 270 to 18

APN News & Media is set to drastically cut the variety of advertising sizes it offers in its 12 regional daily newspapers in Australia from 270 to 18.

CEO Michael Miller told The Australian Financial Review the move, scheduled for November, will give its publications more uniformity and will make it easier to handle sales and production.

“It needs to be easier to understand and to plan, quicker to transact with and more consistent across the industry,” Mr Miller said.

“18 ad sizes is easier to understand … probably the biggest thing is it will be quicker to transact with us and then quicker to execute a campaign.”

The move follows similar moves by News Corp Australia and Fairfax Media, with Fairfax Media establishing centralised advertising hubs across its regional publications earlier this year.

Mr Miller said it was time to help bring newspapers into the modern era.

“If you compare ourselves to TV and radio, one of the frustrations from media agencies is the inconsistencies within a publication and across the newspaper industry compared with other industries,” he said.

“So TV has four standard ad lengths, radio has three standard ad lengths; to date, APN newspapers have 270 [display] sizes.

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