Manners steps down at IAB

Alice Manners will step down from her position as chief executive of the Australian arm of the Interactive Advertising Bureau to take up a new role in Perth not associated with the online advertising trade association.

Alice Manners Full

Alice Manners will step down from her position as chief executive of IAB Australia.

Ms Manners joined IAB Australia in mid-2013. Under her watch, the organisation grew and broadened its membership and stakeholder base, while adapting to the rapidly changing digital advertising landscape, particularly in the area of mobile.

She was instrumental in creating the Ad Tech Advisory Council and Agency Advisory Group and establishing a Mobile Centre of Excellence. She also launched Digital Ratings Monthly and facilitated the audience measurement tender process and reappointment of Nielsen as the preferred supplier.

Chairman of IAB Australian Ed Harrison praised Ms Manner’s contribution to the industry.

“She has driven substantial change for both the association and our industry, delivering a suite of initiatives which have contributed to the ongoing health and growth of the digital advertising ecosystem,” he said.

“On behalf of the board, I would like congratulate Alice on her many achievements. She leaves the IAB in great shape and well positioned to face the future.”

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