ADvance: Creative Benchmarking Methodology

The Newspaper Works conducts a programme of research to provide a comprehensive understanding of how newspaper advertising works.  The aim is to provide marketers, creatives and media buyers with insights that will enable them to make better use of newspapers in their campaigns.

The cornerstone of the programme is Advance, our creative benchmarking system.  It is designed to measure the performance of newspaper ads against recognised tracking measures and establish the impact they have on the brand, product or service.

Ads are also evaluated against measures designed to cater to the unique characteristics of newspaper advertising.

RoleMap looks at how newspaper ads are working against six strategic roles.  These range from brand building to call to action and extension of TV campaigns.

ActionMap homes in on the types action that newspapers ads can instigate, ranging from word of mouth to online sharing through to store visitation and product purchase.CreativeBenchmarking_Methodology

Both measures were developed and extensively validated by independent research company Ipsos MediaCT.  Further details of the testing process are available here.

Each month, we commission Ipsos MediaCT to test a selection of current ads.  Since 2008, over 450 ads from a wide range of categories have been tested, with 45,000+ observations generated from over 15,000 respondents.

The depth of knowledge built up from the programme allows us to accurately diagnose the characteristics of high performing ads.  Results from a range of such ads are available here on The Newspaper Works website.  Some results confirm existing beliefs about how newspapers work strongly for advertisers, others challenge conventional thinking and provide inspiration for more creative use of newspaper advertising that is highly effective.

Our programme of testing has allowed us to build newspaper specific norms, against which ads can be compared.  These include an ‘all newspaper norm’, plus dedicated norms for important categories such as Retail, Automotive and Government.

Research methodology in summary

The research is conducted online by independent research company Ipsos MediaCT, with each ad tested against a population representative sample of Australians aged 16+ in a metropolitan market where it ran.

The results for each ad are based on 100+ interviews.  All respondents are asked the full set of questions, regardless of whether they recall the ad or not.

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