Ads etched for blood donations

Ads etched for blood donations

The letters A, O and B were stripped from the front pages of leading Australian and New Zealand newspapers this week as part of a campaign to drive blood donations.

Four-page wraps featured in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on Tuesday with a large red box, empty except for the phrase, “Notice anything missing?”.

The advertisement is part of the international #MissingType campaign, run locally by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

The campaign encourages new donors to help fill shortages in blood types – types A, O and B for Australia.

Darren Goodsir, editor-in-chief of The Sydney Morning Herald, and Alex Lavelle, editor of The Age, made a joint statement, saying the action was “in the interests of a deserving cause”.

Across the Tasman, NZME supported a similar #MissingType campaign. Its publishing and radio brands dropped the A and O vowels from mastheads and website logos.

New Zealand Herald planning editor Chris Reed said: “Having these omissions disguised as errors caught people’s attention.

“We can easily add A and O back into our logos but for NZ Blood, it isn’t so easy – they need New Zealanders to donate.”

NZME is supporting the campaign with an editorial series that profiles blood donors and those whose lives have been saved by blood donations. It is also hosting office events at which staff can find out their blood type and then sign up to donate.

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