Action Map

Action MapAccording to a Carat/Microsoft study, shoppers are taking a less linear approach to everything from groceries through to motor vehicle purchases.

In line with this shift, in 2010 The Newspaper Works created a third proprietary newspaper measure (the first two being Role Map and Newspaper Effectiveness Metric) called Action Map, which takes things one step further and identifies the form of action a newspaper ad is likely to generate.

Download a 4-page PDF, 2011 Retail Report Introducing Action Map, which introduces the Action Map measure and showcases the different types of action driven by newspapers ads from Woolworths, Kmart and Air Asia.

Visit these sections of the website for more information about the Action Map:

Creative Benchmarking

Click here to view studies into how consumers engage with in-market newspaper advertising from a range of categories. Looks at both emotional involvement and forms of actions a newsapaper ad is likely to generate.

2011 Retail Report

Series of 4-page reports demonstrating why newspapers drive Call to Action for retailers.