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Championing the unique value of highly engaged cross-platform newspaper audiences.

About NewsMediaWorks

NewsMediaWorks, formerly The Newspaper Works, advocates across a spectrum of commercial and editorial areas on behalf of the news publishing industry.

Promotion of the compelling value of our audiences in print and digital, and the protection of press freedom, are priority activities.

We do this on behalf of all Australian mainstream news media publishers, whether they are the nation’s three biggest newspaper producers – Fairfax Media, News Corp Australia and West Australian Newspapers – or smaller companies.

NewsMediaWorks’ role is to continually convey the commercial power of news brand audiences to advertisers, and media and creative agencies. This is achieved through research-generated insights into media trends and audience behaviours.

The most commonly-used data by NewsMediaWorks is generated by emma – Enhanced Media Metrics Australia – which was launched into the Australian market in August, 2013 by the Paris-based international research company, Ipsos MediaCT.

The focus of the research continues to be on audience engagement and behaviour around our news products, rather than relying only on copy sales figures that have driven market perceptions since the 1930s.

Even at a time of deep structural transformation for the news publishing industry, nearly 16 million continue to be bought in Australia every week.

Our members’ journalism continues to make vital contributions to society and democracy.

In the past two years, the role of NewsMediaWorks has changed.

It was established originally to communicate the value of newspaper readership to advertisers and agencies. Today, it has embraced the responsibilities of other industry organisations that have been merged to create one industry body.

It has assumed the responsibilities of

  • Newspaper Publishers’ Association / Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association
  • Publishers National Environment Bureau
  • Publishers Advertising Advisory Bureau

This website, launched in November 2013, was the final step in the amalgamation of these groups.

Into the future, NewsMediaWorks will continue to work with publishers and their commercial partners to identify audience and content trends. It will be a provider of regular research and insight reports on the media industry, focusing on print and digital platforms.

News Corp Australia, Fairfax Media and Seven West Media are directors of NewsMediaWorks. Other publishers and industry partners are also associate members.

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